Calculators… those little helpers

Calculators… those little helpers
By: <a href='' target='_blank'>Images Money</a>
By: Images Money

Altough we do appreciate a machine or automated script should never fully replace a person in a decision-making process, we support the use of such systems to leverage the human knowledge. As an example, we develop simple calculators that would help you in those decisional acts and even some strategical issues, such as:

  • To increase prices or to cut costs.
  • How much inventory to hold.
  • When to raise the red flag to a potential client.
  • How does your business perform compared to your sector.

You will be able to use them through our website or download them for you Android device from our Calculators section.

In the meantime, you can practice to become a human calculator yourself.


So, what type of decision-making support calculator would you like us to develop?