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What we can offer you, which services we specialise in, and which is our philosophy in delivering them. From market research to spreadsheet design, economics modelling to social media marketing advise and training, SCM optimisation to state-of-the-art analysis…

Data is taking over (the Corporate World)

The age of IT and information systems, back in the 60s a 70s, created new opportunities for those companies that were able to leverage the new data that was being gathered about the whole operation. However, data on its own

Take it ALL, then!

Sorry to say sometimes we people from market research, analytics, and statisticians alike are sad junkies! I admit it, I enjoy reading professional jokes, and if they are related to economics, finance, or operational research, the better. But you should

Managing risk

One of the main business functions that managers and executives have had to learn how to develop during this century is risk management.

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