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What we can offer you, which services we specialise in, and which is our philosophy in delivering them. From market research to spreadsheet design, economics modelling to social media marketing advise and training, SCM optimisation to state-of-the-art analysis…

It’s a kind of magic

Usually we present a simple draft explaining what this ‘Matter of BIZ’ is about, considering a mixture of data management (and creation), computing and technology, and scientific methodologies. Maybe some of you have spotted we are actually talking about ‘Operational

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The art of pricing

Setting the price for your product is a science, although you will be having to apply a little bit of creativity. That is the art of pricing: too high and you will be losing market share, too low and you

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1-2-3 of ‘Matter of BIZ’

Data as a useful management information. Most suitable diagnosis & decision-making techniques. Management getting knowledge from the analysis. Not as easy as a conventional 1-2-3 guide might seem, but surely it feels entertaining (to us, challenges feel great), insightful (for

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