How to improve Recruitment processes

How to improve Recruitment processes
By: <a href='' target='_blank'>U.S. Army</a>
By: U.S. Army

If you manage people within a continuous process (i.e. 24/7) or for complicated logistical scenarios you will know personnel scheduling is a dreadful task. Comply with regulations, take into account your customer service levels, do not abstract from your HR policies… and your headcount is the most of the time a fixed variable. Well, that is nothing we could not solve by means of your processes analysis, the resources that mathematical modelling provides, and the implementation of a simple spreadsheet you will be able to manage.

However, we are thinking of the recruitment sector itself. How could operational research help recruiters? Which models and techniques would agencies and headhunters benefit from? (we are giving you some ideas):

  • Matching models. You have vacancies that need filling with candidates, right? And you want to give your client the best fit, while you are willing to provide your candidate a position that s/he is eager to join in.
  • Retention likelihood estimation. In connection to the previous models, estimating how likely is a candidate to remain in the company could help improve the matching process, reduce your client’s turnover, and get you better outcomes and profitability.
  • Training needs assessment.
  • Multivariate performance assessment. Techniques that go beyond your usual Balanced Scorecard.
  • Client scoring systems.
  • Candidate valuation methods. How valuable is a candidate for your client? Does the salary match?
  • And, of course, workforce planning and scheduling.

Maybe we are missing more interesting applications? Would you recruiters think (dream) of any feature you would like developed? Contact us for a free consultation.