I see zombies with smartphones

I walk by the street, travel by bus, move to the city center traveling on the underground (you americans call it subway; we sometimes call it tube, too), drink my latte while I read the free newspaper (if possible, City A.M.)… That will be the only time during the day that I will be touching a paper document.

The new society has evolved to almost paperless. This is only true in our leisure and commuting time, since in the office we are still managing loads of paper. But coming back to those hours when people are not working: they are in love with their little screens; watching them as if there was going to happen something wrong to them if they stopped staring at. I have to admit I love zombie movies… and this people do remind me of the street scenes of some of the best ones. So, now: marketer, advertiser, entrepreneur, businessman… are you feeding the monster?

It is time to walk the way and join the thousands have already realised our mobility has changed our habits. It is going to be difficult for you to change your mindset, it is going to be difficult to adapt your messages and the way you communicate and make good use of the new channels, but it can be done. Go ahead!