Social Media is not your medicine

Social Media is not your medicine
By: <a href='' target='_blank'>Images Money</a>
By: Images Money

Time and again there is a trend in business that is sold (or tried to) as the ultimate solution to companies problems; you would say it is snake-oil sellers, but I prefer to call them doctors… since in the contemporary times mostly anyone relies more in science than in magic… I hope!

Nowadays this trend is social media. Do not get me wrong, I am totally convinced that social media is good for your business… but not your medicine. To start with, it is a long-run investment, and it is not going to generate immediate sales, neither it is going to solve branding problems from one day to the other.

Social Media should be part of your corporate strategy, it has to be embedded in your business DNA, and work within your marketing plan. Once it is put in place, a proper monitoring and performance evaluation is needed so your strategy can be gauged and modified, if required. Further, you should always have in mind the return on your social media investment (Social Media ROI).