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Calculate the return of your marketing actions

Reading Time: 1 minutesEvery action has an outcome… or it should. One of the sayings of management is you can not manage what you do not measure; that’s it!, if you are unable to give an answer to the question ‘which are the

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Simple Marketing Evaluator

Reading Time: 1 minutesAssess the marketing spend return by comparing your customer acquisition cost (CAC) to your customer lifetime value (CLV). When you acquire a new customer you are not obtaining the odd sale, but a customer that will carry on purchasing from

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Measuring the Value of your Brand

Reading Time: 2 minutesJust because you are measuring the value of your brand does not mean you are an egomaniac (or brand-maniac!). Doing so means you are trying to be informed to make better decisions with regards to your branding. It is possible you

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