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Calculate the return of your marketing actions

Reading Time: 1 minutesEvery action has an outcome… or it should. One of the sayings of management is you can not manage what you do not measure; that’s it!, if you are unable to give an answer to the question ‘which are the

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3 ways to measure your brand strength in social media

Reading Time: 2 minutesDo you want to know how to measure your brand strength in social media? A benefit of an active presence in social media is that it will allow you to improve your branding. Qualitatively information feels great in your reports

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I see zombies with smartphones

Reading Time: 1 minutesI walk by the street, travel by bus, move to the city center traveling on the underground (you americans call it subway; we sometimes call it tube, too), drink my latte while I read the free newspaper (if possible, City

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