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How to apply the Balanced Scorecard to your social media strategy

Reading Time: 2 minutesDo you know the ‘old’ strategic models can be used to design and monitor your social media strategy? There are other newer models that could be used, as well; for instance, here I propose you use the Business Model Canvas.

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It’s a kind of magic

Reading Time: 1 minutesUsually we present a simple draft explaining what this ‘Matter of BIZ’ is about, considering a mixture of data management (and creation), computing and technology, and scientific methodologies. Maybe some of you have spotted we are actually talking about ‘Operational

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9 areas of your business you should empower using social media

Reading Time: 3 minutesGenerating value is not a new concept or a trend that will vanish along the following months. Value is what drives your customers to buy from you. The problem you may face is understanding it within the usage of social

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