There’s no such thing as automated decision-making

There’s no such thing as automated decision-making
By: <a href='' target='_blank'>TopRank Online Marketing</a>
By: TopRank Online Marketing

Time and again we have to hear that ‘a computer code, a software, will never make a decision on their behalf’. This assertion hides a cruel mistake which entails a big misunderstanding about Decision Support Systems (DSS):

Those computer systems won’t make decisions… They’ll JUST assist you to make the best ones.

It may seem a computer program or algorithm can be useless, on the other hand, some will find them almighty. However, you must take into account decisions are taken by human beings, computers are designed by people, and software is programmed by persons.

Even when a system could be capable of making operational or tactical decisions, you should be introducing an alert system or a quality control procedure for double-checking… simply as you would do with a human chain of command. For the strategic decision-making process, DSS should be helping you, not replacing you.

So, are you still thinking IT will solve your problems?… Well, actually, it will make the process less painful and risky! Ask us how.